Wednesday, December 16

Lookbook Mk II

Herro, we're back and not dressed entirely in black (Anna Wintour would be smiling...or there'd be a twitch at the corner of her mouth.) Nombre deux of our Lookbooking days has been and gone but not without ultimate success and a topped up admiration for clothing. This time we played the troll(s) under the bridge, the lovesick (fruit obsessed) youth looking forlorn and confused by the boat sheds and the not so saintly ones outside the monastery on the hill. 

The dominating clothing of choice was our special little vintage pieces and Cheap Mondays. The loverly day ended with us trooping up another hill in our oh-so-hilly city and making pasta with sauce while going loco on a guitar missing a string and an organ missing some keys. Outside the houses were covered in low resting fog. These days are brilliant.

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