Friday, June 4

and now the forecast for Lou-land

this post is an ode of my ahh...self.

Hi. It's late and I'm so awfully tired. Upstairs a huge, white, pillow-y bed with the electric blanket turned on three (maximum heat) is waiting for me and I could think of nothing better than snuggling into it like a bug in a rug (i had to say that; it's such a cuddly idiom) ...but first I'm going to do a late night post...about myself, (how terribly adult of me. Where is my wine glass to complete this self-absorbed image?) Ha.

My petit-ami has left the city for a week and where he's going technology doesn' I won't be hearing from him! It is a little bit sad buuut strange too. I say strange because he was meant to be going to a family reunion about 4 hours drive from here...but the last message I received from him said he was in Auckland and his parents were taking him and his brother to the International catch a local flight? Well, that doesn't add up! At this very moment he could be heading towards Madagascar for all I know! On the 'international' topic, my mother gets back from Ethiopia tomorrow which will be lovely as I haven't seen her for a week. She went there with her girlfriends to visit orphanages and offer their support/aid...think 'sex in the city girls decide to change the world'...One of her girlfriend's purchased gorgeous $900 Lanvin sandals...just for the trip, honestly, her wardrobe would make you drool (like the sugary delights featured in ap's food post).

pat & I love to graffit on perfectly nice pictures
Other things in my life? There are countless. I am writing a play with my fabulous friend Patrick (I love him & I love to write, write, write!), doodling, leading our school Amnesty group, starting up a tshirt label-oh you know...little things to occupy the time. Ha. I could go on-but how ever-so-boring of me! In saying that, I'll probably be back tomorrow; I'm addicted.

patrick loves us

and we love you.

keep lovin' it & not McDonalds. Ha.


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