Tuesday, August 31

messy hair and a hundred pleats

its the last day of winter today, ironically enough its kind of lovely and sunny this afternoon. school has been a little hectic, even though we have technically just had a little holiday, it already feels like we are buried under 10 feet of things we need to do and study. 
i think at times like these where school related business and stress is being loaded down on top of us trucks full at a time, i sort of daydream out of it and instead become very productive at my own projects. ive been working on taking in this extremely large vintage floor length chiffon dress into something wearable. Hopefully with a pleated skirt in time for spring, kind of like the dresses from the ruby and twentysevennames' winter collections:


today i've gathered (sewing pun?) it takes absolutely forever to form pleats on chiffon.
with a thousand billion pins, a few hours of intense ironing and burn notice (current tv obsession) later, i've finished the forming the pleats on the skirt:

imagine the other side of this also filled with pins. there actually is more than a hundred pins in it at the moment. for real. but chiffon is so lovely and girly and pretty especially for spring, so hopefully it all works out.

xx aps

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