Thursday, September 30

Two lovely ladies

Salut is French for hi!
Firstly, I am obsessed with interested in the photo sharing website Flickr and now when I walk around I can't stop seeing everything as a photo I wish I could take...alas the difficulty is that I don't in fact have a camera. But the imagination is good for a bit! Anyway, on Flickr I can go hours by hopping from one person's album from Australia, then to America and back to New Zealand etc. It's this world wide adventure that is unbelievably exciting (for me) and inspiring. I keep remembering that I don't need to stick to the 'square' creativity wise because who is to tell me that I can't break free and go berserk like a true artist does? Who is to tell me that being controlled and totally elaborate with my style is wrong either? So I was browsing good old Flickr and then BAM! I was hit by a giant thunderbolt. But not really. Actually I came across one of my favourite sketch artists called Sarah McNeil and oh-my-gosh she is adorable and there is absolutely no way you couldn't like her drawings! You've probably seen some of her stuff in Frankie Magazine? Yeeah! She's that person! Also I commented on her photo and boy-oh-boy I'm A class Lame.

This is Sarah!

This is Fafi!
D'accord (that's French for OK)
So Sarah was cute artist numero uno and my next lady I shall invite to the table of admiration is called Fafi. I discovered her work many years ago whilst reading this loooovely book/magazine called Curvy (which was a gift from one of the leading women behind the New Zealand fashion brand Max). She does quite a bit of graffiti stunts and what she's French! I'd classify the majority of her work as cutexy (cute and sexy combined). Check out her (sub) blog for more info!

So there you have it! Two adorable/cool/cutexy ladies adding to my world of creativity. Hmm they could make a potentially interesting duo? Who are two artists that you would love to see working together?



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