Monday, September 27

much love monday

G'day friends! I nearly forgot to do our 'much love monday' post today but thank goodness aps reminded me (in a very cryptic way might I add). So. Today, what do I want to appreciate? Making the practical into an adventure. The idea of living in your imagination (or close to it) kinda is a concept that children practice every 2 minutes but it can often be forgotten once you grow up. The wonderful Zane sent me a link to this absolutely exquisite website where a man called Tim MacPherson has posted pictures of kids in their re-created worlds around the house:

Aren't these pictures adorable? Maybe if you are too old to be making forts and the like (I know I'm not) maybe you can make little sculptures/artworks of made-up worlds inside your home and photograph them? Send them to us even!



P.S. SHOCK NEWS: The world is NOT flat but it's NOT round either...It's heart shaped. Also this post was pretty much a guest post from Zane P. Thank you pretty maaan!

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