Saturday, September 4

An Update On My Little World

This is a fantastic and powerful short clip my mother linked to me (I think she secretly thought the man featured on this film was ludicrously gorgeous):

This is a cool song my brother posted on his Facebook:

And these are some cute new shoes I bought from Karen Walker the other day:

They're Pointer for Karen Walker shoes and sooo in this season! Pointer use rich leathers, tough twills and sturdy suedes to make fashionable and comfortable creations. Pointer are like the antithesis of mass-produced shit fashion they take the time and effort to customize their own lasts and every shoe is handcrafted in Portugal or China.

That's a brief update from me! Sorry I have neglected our blog for so long but Ap's many posts make up for my cheap ones! Oh it's actually sunny today so I must dash (literally, I'm kind of getting into running and stuff...which is a laugh if you knew me).



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  1. Sorry for comment spamming, but Mumford and Sons is my absolute FAVE band, they are wonderful and awesome and exciting and gorgeous and i am so so so glad you have them on your blog. Which is great by the way. The blog, not the... oh you know what i mean! <3 xx


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