Saturday, October 9

back to school

in a few days we are back to school. it is thoroughly upsetting especially since i just haven't done enough things on my holiday's to-do list for me to feel accomplished. i did however procrastinate a lot of homework by working on our next issue of vespa, and looking at random things online - like i found this cute backpack which actually isn't terribly much of a procrastination seeing as i need a backpack...

and there's also this incredible site laphotocabine where a lovely french lady's voice guides you through a photobooth, using your webcam as the camera, in french, to take 4 photos which come out gorgeously edited into a vintage-looking polaroid.

and there's also these incredibly comfortable (and familiar) looking moccasins all the way from minnetonka. but of course they don't ship to NZ.

aps xx

top photo taken from our lookbook photoshoot this time last year

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