Saturday, October 9

Let's Go Drop Another Photographer.

Firstly, congratulations April! I'm super happy for you but I still await my hostel's acceptance or denial letter and I know there're hardly any places at this hostel so WUTEVAAAH will be, will be. KAY SARAH? Anyway, here's another photographer who is brilliant and we want you to know that we know about him. He's called Jeff Wall and he's got a Wikipedia page so he MUST be good...or mainstream. OH THE HORRORS OF LIKING SOMEONE WHO EVERYONE ELSE LIKES. I CAN'T ADMIRE HIM NOW, EVEN THOUGH HE'S REALLY, REALLY GOOD. Anyway, Jeff is Canadian. Hehe. CAN? NAA! DUH... Apart from being Canadian, Jeff also takes photographs! AND THAT IS ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW. Oh and say he is all like RENOWNED and stuff for like these LARGE AS FORMAT photographs, "with subject matter that ranges from mundane corners of the urban environment to elaborate tableaux that take on the scale and complexity of nineteenth-century history paintings."

Here's some of HIS pictures:

OH ME GAWSH, this is JEFF talking...and he says REALLY interesting stuff! It's quite inspiring.

Sorry for being odd. It's cause I'm chewing my gum and feeling some thing so heinously obtuse the World will be sucked into a pinpoint of resonance if it had any idea. ANY IDEA. Also today I discovered things in the distance WEREN'T to be blurry...apparently D.O.V. is for like cameras only. And here I was thinking that my eyes were seeing things artistically and all. BUT NOW I CAN LOOK CLEVER. Oh glorious days.



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