Tuesday, October 5

two things tuesday

 1. i found these mugs by peter ibruegger and gosh they are so quirky i wish i'd come up with it. there's a different moustache on either side of the mug, and they also have bow-tie versions too. you can buy them here, but they are £11.95 each, plus shipping from england. it's a bit of a downside to living in new zealand. 
2. adorable handcut and embroidered felt winner medal ribbons on etsy by thimblewinder.

also here, fittingly enough, is two by the antlers. (which makes it three things tuesday i know) i feel like i've blogged about this before but i don't think i actually have - the whole album are songs based on this story of a girl dying of cancer and the struggles the friends/ family go through. its terribly sad to listen to but the music is great.

aps xx

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