Saturday, November 20

Lying in the gutter

Hi everyone.
I have been very VERY sick (to the extent that couldn't sit my English exam which is an actual draaaag) but now I am blogging to distract me from feeling a bit down. If you appreciate any of these things I would love to giggle with you about how cool they all are. Also Aps, you're very cute and I KNOW YOU LOVE ME SO MUCH because you were singing vicariously through Dusty (that daalh').

SIDE NOTE: the After Hours is a pretty WEIRD place to be at. I was there a couple of nights ago and I got kinda fascinated by all these different people visiting. A couple obsessed with their blackberries, a man shivering in a giant blanket with one of those train-driver hats on etc. All there was to do in the waiting room was either play guess the illness or watch that Nanny show where a woman with a fake tan goes around and sorts out all them raging kids. What was weird was that everyone seemed slightly excited to be called in by the Doctor. My dad said it was because they liked to be cared for. For me, I was thankful to get called up and get away from that room (only to find myself in an even smaller and even more mundane place.)


On the right is a picture of me. Actually, I lie. This is REALLY a person who wears clothes and is an artist (NOT an artiste because they are typically French and typically disastrous). This person on the right said "...what is wrong with being a [fashion] victim? I have never understood why it’s bad to be a fashion victim. Andy Warhol was a victim. Basquiat...." (He goes on to name every cool person that ever lived)

I decided that I wanna be a VICTIM of fashion. Then I thought twice (thanks Gnarls Barkley) and realised I wasn't tall enough. But then I had a doublethink (Orwell) and realised I am tall compared to mice and mice are tall compared to single cell organisms, therefore height has nothing to do with why I don't wanna be a fashion victim. But what I CAN conclude with is that those glasses that Terence there is wearing make you immediately FANTASTIC. I am on the hunt (when I recover that is).

Another irrelevant and totally INCREDIBLE (YEAAAH YOU LIKE) post brought to you by Lou (who is only 65% her normal self today).

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