Tuesday, May 1

sourdough makes moods sweet

Dunedin is cold but the oven is not while it bakes Zane's second batch of homemade sourdough. Sourdough is not only lovely tasting bread (perfect with everything from olive oil and vinegar to peanut butter and jam), it also involves such an exciting process from start to finish. At first you need to make 'a starter'. Over the weeks you feed this 'starter' with flour and watch it grow until it's ready to be 'a mother'. Sourdough 'mothers' can last generations of families and you can give bits of them to friends to start their own journeys. If this sounds at all tempting, make sure you check out this guide AND this guide, for easy instructions! Remember, it's not a perfected process, it involves trial and error but when you bite into that freshly baked slice of sourdough, it's so worth it.


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