Tuesday, July 30

cactus cat - once frosted over - is now thawed out

"Hey Seuss" by the 3Ds from the 1993 album The Venus Trail. Video from here

"Cactus Cat" by Look Blue Go Purple from the 1986 album LBGPEP2. Video from here

"Pink Frost" by The Chills from the 1986 album Kaleidoscope World. Video from here.

I am currently doing research for a nostalgia themed feature on the Dunedin music scene. While I am still working out the angle I want to take with the piece I stumbled across a series of Flying Nun bands' music videos which have made me excited. Not only is the music great but the bits of Dunedin captured in the videos and the styles make me feel nostalgic for a world I was never a part of. I like to imagine my dad going to gigs and watching bands (like the ones featured above) perform. My dad is a great guy but doesn't like to talk about himself much, this is another way I can get to know his background!


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