Sunday, July 7

max makes three million

Max on Being Calm
Look Loulou I'm a really relaxed person. Look at my arm calmly holding this hot chocolate. [Hot chocolate sways wildly].
A little sway is allowed.

Max on Jiro Dreams of Sushi
Dad and I are going to Fast and Furious.
Can I come?
Maybe...or you and Mum can just go to a film about dumplings.

On the Lion King
If I was a young warthoooog
What Loulou? That's like saying, "If I was a young platypus."
Uhh, it's from the Lion King.

On Dinosaurs
What do you call a dinosaur with no eyes? 
That joke is so old I fell off my dinosaur laughing. [One minute later.] Don't write that down. I got it off somewhere.


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