Saturday, December 28

max makes ten million

Life Principles

Max: I live by certain principles, Dad.
Dad: Oh yeah? What are they?
Max: Well, I have several. First, everything in moderation.
Loulou: What about your computer games? And sleeping?
Max: You didn't let me finish! My second principle is do the things you enjoy the most.
Loulou: Your principles....contradict each other...slightly.

Staring Out the Window Songs (by Max)

"You're on your roller blades,
Looking sexy...
Like a microwave
[dramatic (...or confused) pause]
Because microwaves are hot."

"Pretty girl walking down the street
Pretty girl, you're one I'd like to meet
[running out of musical momentum]
Pretty girl, I like your feet."

"Let me take you around the ciiiity." [sung 10x over]

Max Comments on the Temperature

Max: It's a bit humid in the house.
Dad: Yes, that's because the weather today is humid.
Max [asked seriously]: Okay, how do we turn it down outside?

Max Handling an Angry Person

Loulou: Ugh, Max! Can you please get out!
Max: Loulou, I'm not like a fart - you can't just shoo me away.

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