Thursday, January 23

max makes eleven million

Social Reading

[Max picks up a book and sits down to read it while everyone else around him is in mid-conversation]
Loulou: Hey, Max! You're being a social reader.
Zane: I didn't know that was a thing.
Max: Well, at least I'm not looking at my gadget thing...what do you call it? A Blueberry.
Loulou: It's a Blackberry.
Max: Sorry. I didn't know the colour.

Philosophical Ordering

Max [to the waiter]: Yes, I'll have a chocolate mousse without any of the garnish.
Waiter: So...that's just the mousse - no cream, no caramel, no nuts. Just the mousse?
Max: Yes. I'm a fundamentalist, you see. Oh - I'm into minimalist art as well. I like a glass and a white background.

Hole (Not Quite) in One

Max: Maybe that man should become a golf elitist player.
Zane: Ahh, don't you mean "pro-golfer"?
Max [pensively]: Yeah. You've got to come out of the womb with a golf bat these days.
Zane: ....
Everyone: ....

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