Saturday, February 15

max makes twelve million


Loulou: Crystal Castles is good in the right mood.
Max: Yeah, in the mood when you've just killed ten people.

Frame Canvas of Mind

[Max is sitting in the living room in front of his computer, which has a Word Document open but nothing written in it.]
Max: "You've got to start with a blank state."
Dad: "Slate."
Max: "No Dad - blank state of mind... Anyway, I'm going to bed now."
Dad [growing increasingly stressed by the Word Doc because it reminds him of work]: "Wait, why are you just leaving a blank document open?"
Max: "One small step at a time with writing. One small step."

It Nt Kol Ta Spull 

[Dad is struggling to eat dinner because he just had two molars removed.]
Loulou: "Yeah, Dad has pain in his m-o-u-t-h."
Max [attempting to put the letters together]: "What? His mouch?"
Loulou: "What do you mean? In his m-o-u-t-h."
Max: "Mouch? What is that!"
Loulou: "Max, are you serious?"
Max: "Yes!" [Pauses, thinks carefully.] "Oh you mean mouth...Sorry, my generation use the word 'moar'."
Loulou: "Max, I am not part of your generation. How are you alive?"
Max: "I can spell!" [Again, thinks carefully.] "I can spell words like...'compelled'."
[Everyone simultaneously stands up to clear the table.]

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