Thursday, August 28

the honourable woman

A screenshot from The Honourable Woman directed by the BAFTA-winning Hugo Blick.
The Honourable Woman is brilliant television. So brilliant that my parents and I consumed the miniseries in under a week and each night, after a binge watching session, would spend time unpacking what we had witnessed - grasping both our cups of tea and the many straws that each episode left us with.

Without revealing any intricacies of the twisted plot (which unfolds through eight, one hour long episodes), the story line follows Nessa Stein (played by Maggie Gyllenhaal in one of her most spectacular performances yet, despite her hesitation to act for television) - the daughter of a Zionist arms procurer and flourishing businesswoman whose mission is one of  reconciliation - that is - to lay cable networks between Israel and the West Bank.

Beautifully filmed and highly relevant in both the personal and political conflicts that this miniseries explores, The Honourable Woman is one of this year's most intelligent and rewarding entertainment endeavours.


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