Thursday, April 27

two hearts

This is a photo of Kane when he just found out that his first advance from Dead Oceans came through. We were hanging out at my old flat on Jetty Street in Dunedin. Kane was probably playing computer games and maybe I was studying. Kane turned to me; he had just checked his bank account and there it was - a way in.

There have been a handful of moments like that for Kane (and I) in the past few years. There have also been and continue to be so many obstacles - a major one being how little money there is in New Zealand for musicians to really have a chance. But today isn't about that, today was another one of those ecstatic moments. This time, I'm in Auckland and Kane is still in Dunedin, but the excitement (and discombobulation) is still there. Kane announced the name and release date for his first album with Dead Oceans. It's called Two Hearts and No Brain and it's coming out 30 June. 

Kane has just finished a month touring with his band in the States and is off again to Europe in a week. My heart does yearn for the time this photograph reminds me of, but what Kane does keeps me in awe. I want to follow that feeling forever. So, this is a slightly out-of-left-field post to say I love you Kane and congratulations from the bottom of my heart.


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