Wednesday, February 3

how's china?

Consumed by China (zhong guo)

ke ai! (cute)
My future career.
Our incredible taichi/gong fu (kung fu) master...who made us run two laps around the field and then do strenuous exercises to warm up...

Chinese style.

This is the flower selling grandmother daughter duo in action...hilarious but worrying.

One of the gorgeous entrances to the underground market.

City view of Chongqing...known for it's fog.

Look at these magnificent women, a totally unique breed.
This is the look of self-satisfaction.

"i love you" apples, isn't that sweet!

oh boredom...

it was so dry in Beijing that our hair went wild child.

Isn't this the water cube?

There are pandas everywhere in China, you can even find them marching up and down the great wall.

Fantastic traditional clothing. how exciting would life be if people wore this on a daily basis.
the glorious tea from Lao She Tea House, Beijing. we drank this and watched a hilarious and very Chinese cultural performance.

I wonder what you can buy at a shop called Mini Wart?
Check out those gorgeous shoes.
First view of Beijing.


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