Wednesday, February 10

she's the kinda lady that makes a kid go baby

At first I thought this artist could be potentially mad. I was wary...but after my lovely friend promoted her relentlessly, my carefully filtered music walls opened up for her and all her fabulousness. She's from New York..and when you hear and watch her music videos you are really drinking a cocktail of influence mixed with M.J., Queen, Bowie, Madonna and of course a whole heap of orginal Gaga spice. Not only is her music kinda neat her style is something to adore. With her and her Haus of Gaga team no one can deny they're not just a bit wowed. On top of all that she is a fighter for the gay community and I totally respect that. So this is a shout out to a fabulous person: LADY GAGA.

Gosh. She's kinda something special. Let's take a tip and flaunt our more outrageous side (if you can't handle it publicly...hold a dress-up party.)


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  1. aha i am not a fan at all... i can kind of admire her total 'i don't care' attitude but other than that i couldn't care less!


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