Sunday, June 6

project #2: twigs + spray paint + ?


 ages ago it was our very good friend's birthday and we wanted to get her something friggin awesome because she is, and we came across this mirror project. basically its twigs + a mirror + paint + glue, and since we firmly believe in being as creative and eco-friendly as possible, we decided to be super good friends and make her a TWIG MIRROR as all good friends should do!

so one afternoon lou + boy + me ventured up into the forest for not only a lovely nature walk, but also to fill a bag full with twigs. on our walk we discovered this exceptionally large twig (almost a branch) and couldn't resist but to take the darn thing home with us. needless to say with the company of a 3 metre branch and a bag bursting with twigs, we got our fair share of strange looks on the way back home.

it was a right mission to get everything together & transport it to her safely but it looked smart and vintage, (maybe a little goth) in the end. while she wasn't paying attention, i took some photos of the mirror in her room. sneaky.

xx aps

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