Thursday, July 15

if i had all the time in the world:

1. Chocolate marshmallow cake?
recipe here

2. Spray paint
Spray paint is fun. Lou and I not only adore vintage aesthetic, but also are strong believers of being as friendly to our environment as possible, which are two things that tie together very nicely as it makes sure less things are being taken to landfill. A cool project i saw on here is to spray paint thrifted items in bright colours, modernising old vintage items, while still retaining the interest of the item itself. Quite spiffy. 

3. Pretzels. 
I've never actually tried a soft pretzel. Back in the day when Lou and I used to regularly walk to school quite early in the morning, we'd pass a pretzel place en route and it would smell amazing. We used to talk about trying pretzels for breakfast, but alas it never happened. Perhaps procrastination of sorts. Or possibly because we were constantly sleeping in and in result, always running late. There's a great recipe here for miniature soft pretzels from my favourite foodie blog smittenkitchen, which may be eventful to try on a rainy day (which are not in low demand in wellington).

4. Beards.
Moustache party? A while ago I found a felt fake beard tutorial here. For some reason moustaches and beards (the fake ones) have been quite popular lately. There is strange physcology in that...

5. Cutting a beer bottle in half without a knife.
Possibly dangerous, but quite innovative at the same time.

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