Saturday, July 24

18 photos

in terms of photography, something that really interests me is everyday still life in people's homes. photos that give insight into other people's day-to-day life are so fascinating; also how people lay out things in their home can really be quite revealing to their character/life. lou has already mentioned the selby, a gorgeous blog of amazing people's amazing houses, which is just absolutely so cool to see inside houses of really creative people, and the space they live in day-to-day.
i used to take my camera with me everywhere i went, just taking pictures of absolutely everything around me so anyway, today i thought i'd do a post on some of those photos; things and places that are in/have been in either Lou or mine's lives:

1.tulips at lou's  2.pool at our friend annika's

3.window  4.things on my windowsill kitchen clock  6.playing with melted wax summer last year  8.wardrobe

9.from orchestra concert i played in table and vases at lou's

11.stairs  12.sketch book  14.lyrics on lou's wall

15.paper heart chain at lou's  16.paper hearts at mine

17.lou's raisin stop motion   18.our place for nature walks

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