Monday, August 23

much love monday

there's this internet meme (i didn't actually know what a meme was until today, i googled it and it came up with "meme, rhymes with cream," halarious - but actually quite helpful) 'much love monday' and i figured yeah wohoo, let's do one! every monday! (lou: take note!)

 today i love/really appreciate: friendship. if you're thinking this is going to be incredibly cliche - it's not really - its just a really brief statement! i promise! i just wanted to quickly say that the idea of companionship in friends is just so lovely. girls are cute. this evening i went to watch our senior girls' netball finals, and it was such an intense intense intense neck-at-throat-foot-arms-claw match i nearly cried - our principal and her husband were there even. what sparked this post is the fact that the crowd watching was just made of friends, and friends of players in the team. we were all there to support each other. it wasn't reeeally school pride... it was friendship! that's all. and that's just what i love today.

 and i love the pink dress above. want!

 also, lastly, i love: being inspired; i actually did some much overdue work on my art today:

xx aps

image from this sweet blog here


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