Monday, August 30

much love monday

Today was a pretty bad day for me. Not only was the weather miserable but several other factors got me down, down, down. I felt a bit hopeless by the afternoon and had a bit of a sob in the library; nose dripping and the like. My Z. thought someone must have died! But you know what, sometimes it just feels so good to cry! I like to call my personal breakdowns emotional catharsis but maybe it's not that extreme... When I got home I had sushi waiting for me and you know what (again) sometimes sushi is all you need (well you need love too) but yah-know-wot-ay-meean? So this 'much love monday' post (I think I am doing this right) is to crying and sushi. Also I love Coconut Cluster Cereal!

This is a person crying (kind of).

This is some sushi.

 This much love monday was brought to you by the Lou. Ha!

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