Saturday, August 14

a particularly stylish knight

There is a constant debate between old vs new and traditional vs contemporary. It's even in politics with Liberal vs Conservative. So when it comes to fashion photography, who is winning this argument? Does there need to be a winner or can both work side by side? In this post I have examples of Nick Knight's work for the fashion industry. Nick Knight totally encaptures that modern, brutal love concept that challenges the viewers to watch and admire his/the designer's creations. His work is terrifying, inspiring and new age romantic but is it too much for you? In my next post I'll be blogging about Bill Cunningham who is THE traditional capturing-fashion-in-the-moment photographer; totally realist and charming. In the comparison of these two creator's works perhaps you'll get that one step closer to understanding what you connect with most in the visual world.


Disturbed by the above video? Slow down man and watch this short film about a flower.

Stay tuned.



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