Tuesday, September 28

actual taste test

sometimes i feel all out of words and i have a terrible time figuring out what to write when blogging. i get all excited to blog, then i get here to this wee bloggy box, and suddenly all words and rules of grammar escape me. 'tis why i have a camera:

since its the holidays, i finally have time do to the things on my to-do list. working on vespa i always glimpsed past the recipes in the food section as they stared back at me awaiting some sort of resurrection (do my metaphors even make sense today?) and so finally i got to it and baked eleanor's lemon sour cream cake.
and its amazing.

and absolutely fool-proof. lou - even you could make it.
i'm kidding. but actually, you could.
...but in all seriousness i say it is fool-proof because i made it, and my baking never tastes this great.

eleanor: genius.

aps xx


  1. It's always nice to find other Wellingtonian's in the blog world! x

  2. Very true! And might I add, we just adore your blog <3 <3


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