Wednesday, September 8

The key word is, "Can"

This post is for Abe.

Can was "an experimental rock band formed in Cologne, West Germany in 1968. Later labeled as one of the first "krautrock" groups, they transcended mainstream influences and incorporated strong minimalist and world music elements into their often psychedelic music. Can constructed their music largely through collective spontaneous composition –– which the band differentiated from improvisation in the jazz sense –– sampling themselves in the studio and editing down the results[...]bassist/chief engineer Holger Czukay referred to Can's live and studio performances as "instant compositions"[...] the band exerted a considerable influence on avant-garde, experimental, underground, ambient, punk, post-punk, new wave and electronic music." Wikipedia.

If you read all that shit (sorry informative shit) you can see that this band is pretty wack maan. I reckon they're actually quite freaken sweet if you feel like being in space.

Try some new stuff!


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