Monday, September 6

much love monday

today i love spaghetti toasties, hot chocolate, big sunggly jerseys... but most of all, accomplishment! 
most recently lou and i have been working ferociously hard on finishing our magazine project: vespa. its been our baby (yes i realise that sounds quite odd) for months now and in retrospect i'm not quite sure why it took so much work and time, but anyway, we have finally finished! and so this is what our third much love monday post is about: small accomplishments. at this point in time it doesn't even matter that it has yet to be released and so it has yet to be decided as to whether it is a sucess or fail but the fact of the matter is we finished what we set out to do and that is the greatest feeling right now!
our vespa magazine is going to be released as our school magazine, featuring lots of arty-ness and (sort of school-related) goodness - in a way it is our blog, but in a tangible and accessible form for our peers to read and hopefully hopefully hopefully love to bits and pieces, because if not, it will have us in bits and pieces.
tomorrow posters like these will be up around our school:


its very exciting. be excited. i am. we are. 
have a lovely monday!

aps xx


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