Tuesday, September 21

Orange without the Clockwork.

I took some pictures today of orange things because I am a learner photography student and apparently you NEED themes if you ever take a picture. My theme today was, "Shades of Orange." Poignant. Forlorn. Pretentious? Hehe naww but seriously when doing documenting projects themes seem essential in bringing out the key ideas of your work! Potentially my work is shit/not-so-good but check out meh flickr (http//www.flickr.com/photos/louloucb) and be my friend!

Photography is greatly important for the documentation of our lives, srsly. Your project for the week is to think of a theme and take a few pictures for it then email your results to us apsandlou@gmail.com and we'll post on our blog or maybe just keep it to yourself?

Stay wonderful.



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  1. you guys are super cute and stuff :) hello from a fan, slash you probs know who it is. :) i'm totally a fan!


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