Tuesday, September 14

twooo tunes for tunesday

today the wind is howling... and nothing much is crack a lackin' so i decided to share some of my favourite tuuuuunes to listen to.....


alabama arkansas....one of the happiest and hippiest songs i know - in the midst of our cold wellington spring this song never fails to throw me back to sunny summery days back in 2009...


this next one isn't really a tune in particular, but a list of some of my favourite albums ever - ones that i could probably listen to repeat on all day and never tire of them. its a thing that's going around facebook at the moment but i share it here as i am a little lazy and a little incompetent in a way that i can only handle one type of internet/sharing/networking/social thing at a time:
  • Bon Iver: For Emma, Forever Ago
  • Fleet Foxes: Fleet Foxes
  • Florence and The Machine: Lungs
  • Lykke Li: Youth Novels
  • Jose Gonzalez: Veneer
  • Regina Spektor: Begin to Hope
  • Jeff Buckley: Grace
  • The Hush Sound: Like Vines
  • Beyonce: I am Sasha Fierce (its just so empowering)
  • She & Him: Volume Two
  • Carol King: Tapestry
if you haven't heard of any of these check them out! and definitely Bon Iver's, if you don't already love it, you will. i feel like i am constantly blogging his names everywhere, but it is just because his music is beautifully mellow and i adore him.

in other news... today was filled with mad business meetings all vespa-related - so much so that it was probably the reason lou and i went for coffee both at lunch and in the afternoon just to keep our spirits up. sometimes i feel like we are already living the lives of big businesswomen. in the late afternoon we then went to a photography club/class type thing and i met some lovely people - the leader of it is such a friendly guy, and he organised his friend to model for us to practice portraiture. i also sent away my application to accomodation colleges for university. there are five more weeks until school is over forever for both me and lou. it is all so strangely nonchalant... aaaaanyway, i hope you had a great day too.



  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpvQXovrzyQ&sns=em


  2. livvyy! :D
    tom- theyre cool as! where you get your music puzzles me lots!


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