Monday, September 20

viel Love Montag, beaucoup d'amour lundi

i love: languages.
if you have seen me lately you will know that most recently i have begun to learn a bit of french! (not seriously though). i did learn french for a year when i was in primary school, but gave it up upon entering high school as i didn't think i would ever need it... i'm still not sure i will, but nonetheless it is a beautiful language. i love hearing french people speak!

what do you love today?



  1. j'adore languages as well. My husband wooed me with his Italiano style and I could listen to the rawness of German and Scandanavian languages all day. But there's something about French, isn't there?! x

  2. Great pics. Languages are just so fascinating. I am a dork and love looking at pages in other languages via Google translate. I find it endearing and interesting how certain phrases end up translated into English.

  3. It can be hilarious too. Someone noble once said something like "for every language you learn you live another life". Ahh <3

  4. there is absolutely something about french!! and thanks gina - you're not a dork, that is super cute :)


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