Sunday, October 24

Friday Afternoon to Saturday Night

5.00pm: Got lost (kinda) and ended up in the Russian Frost Farmers gallery. How utterly bizzare. There was a man there who was documenting the art, he thought we were the artists as we all had cameras. He went on to say all gallery's stuff was, "By odd arty studnets, ya know? Highly conceptual.". Ha. It turns out the place used to be a carpark but someone decided to buy it and convert it into a mini studio/gallery thing. Weird. Cool.
Later: More photographs of Wellington. Fun. Afternoon tea at Midnight (it's good for food AND stylish people hunting). Photo from here.
9.00pm: Watched, 'How to Tame a Dragon' and ate m&ms. Exactly what I needed!
Later: Flickrd until I died slash fell asleep.
12.00pm: Sun dried tomatoes on crackers AND denial! Oh the awfulness!
Later: Work. Ahh serving people who love rugby and beer. Yaaay.
10.00pm: Home and thinking it wasn't that bad.
Later: 'Nightmare on Elm Street' (lame, lame, laaame) and sleep.
NOW: Listening to the music of my dad's youth! The Congos.

This an example of my days before exams. Meeeh (April's indifference x 2)


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