Saturday, October 16

just quickly

Just a quick hello! Last night Lou and I went for a sweet dinner at one of our loveliest friend's apartment. It was a dinner to catch up before we turn into social hermits for exam study. We had yum pizza cooked on a pizza stone, and yum yum rhubarb crumble for dessert. This morning I woke up super super early (7:15am is incredibly early for a saturday morning), to go to the v.i.p preview of Top Shop at Karen Walker. We got to have chocolate croissants and a look around all of the gorgeous clothing selected from Top Shop before it opened to the public at 10am. Also super excitedly, we took loads of photos which we will be blogging it later! I'm off to a gala at my old primary school, and then we are going to see a fashion show for Frocks on Bikes down at the new BNZ building on Harbour Quay (apparently it's a very high tech eco-friendly building and quite beautiful inside).
Somewhere in-between I have to do study and  paint for my art portfolio ahhh.

Here is a warm and beautiful song from Lia Ices - I'm excited about this song because it features Justin Vernon (Bon Iver), and it their voices with the piano and bass is so powerful. Bon Iverrrrrr.

Have a lovely weekend!

photo by andrew mariani

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