Tuesday, October 26

Much Love Lundi (on Mardi)

Today we are loving three cool things!

1) My boyfriend sent me a link to this photographer Liz Wolfe's site and I was like, "Wow, cool! Actually where do I know her from? Oh yah, the Curvy book". Liz is a Canadian photographer. She loves to make photographs.And if you've been following me you'll realise that en ce moment I am obsessed with photography. I have an combined exhibition coming up and like the mayor of our city is coming...(did I say that already?)


2) One of my favourtie people (and Marc Jacob's muse), Sofia Coppola. She is a film director and has done sweet films like, "Lost in Translation" and "the Virgin Suicides". One of the sites I regularly check just did a bit of spread on her and now I want to too! Check out the article here. She also lists her top 10 hotels eveeer. Seriously worth a look. Image of Sofia from here.

3) Chanel's nail polish 'Paradoxal'...which my muum brought back for us from Melbourne. It's totally for ALL of the sophisticats out there. Image from here.

So that was 3 cool things for Monday. Enjooooy. OVER AND OUT RAINBOW TROUT.

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  1. Rrrrrrr I love that nail polish. And Sofia Coppola is.. is cuuuute (I guess). Lost in Translation was okkkay (mah dad enjoys it. prolly cause of scarslut j) and I haven't seen the Virgin Suicides. I read the book. Hrm, must watch that.

    ALSO I'd just like to add that I read this all the time. Once every few days like. Keep it up because I loooove it/it is my only way of seeing fashionable thingies.


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