Monday, October 11


I fell asleep by the heater and was dreaming of things but then I got this (once again) cryptic message from my portable and realised that I needed to BROG. So I'm gonna be rehaally, rehaally narcissistic and do this much love Monday about the things I've been dreaming about:

1) the privilege of attending university (and such a pretty one might I add)

2) the craft and wonder of knitting. I hear it's all the rage in New York but those kids ain't got nothing on us. At the moment I am extending my creative skills to the ABSOLUTE limit by making a scarf...OK. It's really easy but it's time consuming. In saying that, it's time WELL SPENT. Here's a bike I knitted around. PAS. Some genius did this but as we so often say on this blog...WE LIIIKE.


3) When thinking about university, I think about my memories of living in Dunedin. One of them was visiting the Rialto theatre (which was the theatre that showed the cool films kinda like the Penthouse in Wellington). Anyway, I saw a LOT of good films there AND won a colouring competition that they set up. I got a free movie ticket and never used it. THE OPPORTUNITY TO SHARE MY ART WITH THE WORLD IS A I forgot that I had a free ticket. Of the many great films I saw there I think I saw, 'Me and You and Everyone We Know' (or I saw it on DVD) but that's not the point. The point is, it's a, "HUMANS ARE SO WEIRDLY LOVELY" film. Plus I temporarily fell in love with the teenage boy in it. What's kinda cool too is that the other day, one of our readers/friend/brill. photographer, Gabrielle Mckone, sent me a link for the director of this movie's blog. This totally triggered my memory AND I love this blog. Win win win win win.

Hehe I'm silly.
Much love.
Or is it.


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