Monday, October 18

much love monday

Hope today was not another manic monday for you as it was for me. I slept in because I heard rain and wind outside and subconsciously just half-awake lay in bed rather than getting up to get to school. Luckily by the afternoon the sun had come out and it was so nice I took a walk into town with my friend to visit her dad's office to help her take pictures and catalog the art pieces her dad has. He has some pretty awesome Michael Parekowhai sculptures which were doubly as awesome to see in close proximity and to take photos of for her. So for today, much love monday is about Michael Parekowhai! 
I have seen several of his things in art galleries in Wellington, and his work is amazing. He was born from the city only 20 minutes from me - it gets me everytime how small New Zealand is. In art class we have a thick book on his works which people use as inspiration for their works. As of today my claim to fame to my fellow art classmates will be that I've seen the ones from the pictures in real life as two of my bestest friends own ACTUAL Michael Parekowhai's pieces. Lou has a couple of his photgraphs in her home, including one of the series of grand sized incredibly still (no other way to say it) looking still-life of a beautiful bouquet of flowers handmade from silk and plastic - which you could never tell by looking at the photograph, even with it being at such an extravagant size.

image from here

Anyway here are some photos I took today of a Parekowhai sculpture at the office I visited... 

aps xx

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  1. Yeah. I remember meeting this guy when I was 9ish. I said THE MOST EMBARRASSING thing. Eveeer.


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