Saturday, October 23

project vespa #2

Finally, our second issue of Vespa for 2010 is done after lots of work during the holidays. The other night we had our school Sports and Cultural Awards at the Beehive (disappointingly it was pretty much more sports than cultural). Lou and I got awards for 'Diglits'. It's was a bit of a 'what the heck??' award, but I was happy regardless. Diglits translates to digital something or rather and literacy. We are thereby honourary Diglits (because of Vespa magazine). It was exciting. Anywho here's a preview of the next Vespa. The cover may look quite familiar...

The next issue will be going to print on Monday, by a company named Print by Monday funnily enough. If you're interested, you will be able to buy a copy from us by next week! I don't want to jinx it, but it will probably be out by Wednesday. But that might be wishful thinking. Maybe Thursday. Or Friday. Meh. (Indifference.)

aps xo

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