Wednesday, November 3

More D.I.Y. taxidermy

Here is a really awesome project I came across ages ago, much much before we started a blog (otherwise I would have blogged it at the time!) After seeing Lou's post about her very similar project I remembered about this and luckily I saved the link (amongst about a hundred others) under my bookmark of 'projects to-do.'
In this they use foam core (I'm sure stationery warehouse will have some...) to cut out pieces just like Lou did with her mini one, to fit together and form a pretty funky looking faux deer head. You can download the template here for free from this original post. They also use wrapping paper to stick to the foam core stuff to decorate it, but I'm thinking it would be so much easier using a cool duraseal/contact paper which is already adhesive, or even use any other cool paper and use clear duraseal on top. It'd be cool to put hats or jewellery on! I am so doing this for my dorm room next year.
Summer project! 

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