Sunday, November 14

More explicit-ness

This song is craazy. I can't decide if I really like Kate Miller-Heidke or not, but I do love her dressgdjhgfmhj.
She also has this halarious song "The Facebook Song/Are you f***ing kidding me?" the lyrics: 
They say every one should have their heart broken, at least once. That that is how you grow emotionally. Well, I have been misused by many many many men, but nothing can compare to how you treated me. At times it really felt as though the pain was here to stay. And though it's many years ago, I feel it to this day. And now you wanna be my friend on facebook... Are you fuckin' kidding me?
All the memories are flooding back to me now. All the ways you stole the light from my eyes. I travelled so far just to get away from you! Till this morning's friend request surprise. 
At times it really felt as though I'd never smile again. You narcissistic ass hole, oh you nasty nasty man. And now you wanna be my friend on facebook... Are you fucking kidding?
I don't wanna know what kind of cocktail you are or which member of the beatles or which 1950's movie star. I dont give a toss if you're a ninja or a pirate, I'd suspect you'd be a pirate but I don't wanna verify it. and I don't give a shit what your stripper name is or if your Kitty had a litter.. Look, just follow me on twitter. 
I don't care about your family tree and I certainly don't want you poking me!.. again. And now you wanna be my friend on facebook... oh you fucking fucking fuck.
Click, ignore.... 
The song's played over lovely melodic piano chords, sarcastic, fantastic, listen:

aps x

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