Monday, November 1

Much Love Monday

Much love monday: Volunteering (and waffles)
Yesterday I helped out at the Wag n' Walk (dog show/walking type event) near the wharf and it was so much fun working behind the scenes and seeing how things like this worked.

I worked on the stage the whole day, met lots of dogs, learnt about different breeds and also about this organisation that saves greyhounds. There was this dog trick contest and the winner was this woman I met beforehand who was hesitant to even enter because she didn't think her skit was good enough, but she did and was the best by far. She was dressed up in a cowboy hat and boots and she did this shoot off with her dog - then she turned around and pretended to shoot him and then he rolled over and lay dead. IT WAS SO COOL. 

 The other volunteer who I was paired with was really nice and turned out to be vegetarian and from England! Two great qualities (I love english accents, and vegetarians=fantastic).
I met our mayor's dog too. And one of the organisers paid for our coffees and lunch. And they gave me a present.


xx aps

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