Tuesday, November 30

Much love monday


Making things! In the afternoon I went over to my friend's house who lives just up the road, and baked gingey men. Well I didn't really bake them...but I made little labels on Indesign and printed them on brown paper envelopes for the cookies using Aimee's HUGE fancy computer and printer.
The development of technology is crazy and scares me sometimes but times like these where it makes awesome things for me I will write Much Love Monday posts about it.

He haw. And this is what I did when our internet went down:

What do you love today?

xx aps

Day 07 - Your zodiac sign and if you think it fits your personality. 
Haa I always used to consider myself a Taurus because when I was littler this boy I liked was Taurus and my real sign wasn't compatible with his etc etc so I told everyone I was Taurus. Which obviously is stupid because they could just look up my real birthday for themselves. 

 Day 08 - A moment you felt the most satisfied with your life.  When I used to rollerblade down the hill really skillfully without crashing into cars because I was a wild child.


  1. Those are a very cool idea! I found some Winnie the Pooh cutters the other day and can't wait to make biscuits out of those!

    You video is really cute as well. Thanks for sharing.

    I found your post via Much Love Monday.

  2. Hehe - you're winning coolest blog title of the day in my book :)

  3. My hands are famous. And my mouth.


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