Thursday, November 11

Don't mess with Texas

Oh summer! I've been studying (mostly) rather than doing anything else but when they are over I can't wait to start looking through magazines and read up on fashion blogs that I'm usually a dedicated follower of. And to start sewing things that I intended to and bought material for in like July. Seerrriously. Photos are by David Mushegain for Italian Vogue from August. 
Lou and I went to see Karate Kid last night for fun and it was soo sweet! We learnt that Kung Fu really is in everyday life. Jackie Chan taught us some moves and we were practising them on each other last night at work. 
And I know this sounds ridiculous, but pretty much everything in the beginning of the movie directly applied to Lou and I, and our trip to China at the beginning of this year. For example, karate kid and his mum fly on Air China, which we flied on. When they arrived in Beijing Airport, the woman who was there to meet them was called MS WANG, like our own chinese teacher of 5 years! Then there was the shot of them looking out the car window at Beijing, and we see this building that we absolutely remember seeing too! (It has incredibly distinct architecture). Then they passed the Bird's Nest, which we saw toooo....I know that's just because it's their main attraction, but then they arrived in their apartment building and they were in Room... 305 - which was our chinese classroom for 5 years! The next shot shows the boy looking out his window in his apartment and there are several basketball courts, exactly like how our view was looking from our dorm room window in Chongqing. Then one of the more freaky things was that the mum wanted to have a shower but their hot water wasn't working, exactly like what had happened to us. Furthermore, it wasn't broken, they just hadn't turned the switch on for it. Which is what we made the same mistake on with our shower. Lastly, their door handle of their bathroom had to be fixed because it didn't close properly either, just like ours didn't. Except no-one fixed ours for us and we just had to leave it semi- open. The boy is told to go find the maintenance guy (Jackie Chan) whose name was... Mr HUNN. Like our friend Patrick Hunn who went to China with us. Lou says we probably just saw all those coincidences because we were looking for them. It was freaky regardless.

aps xx

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