Monday, November 22

A rather eclectic Much Love Monday

Hi there! What I am loving today is strawberries and lemonade. BUT also two frame animations (made by sticking two photos together). They're RALLY RALLY cute and once you start doing them you'll never ever stop. Here are some that I did:


Tomorrow morning Aps and I have our Physics external so we're a BIT stressed and that explains this REALLY half-hearted Much Love post. Don't worry, we'll try to impress you heaps and heaps once exams are DONE and DUSTED. DONE and DUSTED, two (not counting and) brilliant words that we all strive to apply to a goal or task. Also we are going to do a meme list thing to strengthen our emotional relationship with you (the reader). So grin and bare it (like you do once you realise your Grandma is about to launch into her current favourite obsession like that Royal Young Chap getting married).

Day 01 - Your current relationship, if single discuss how single life is. Lou: My current relationship is like when one fabulous wave crest meets another gorgeous wave crest and together they constructively interfer. (Physics on the brain...)

Day 02 - Where you’d like to be in 10 years. 
Lou: In a house so little that my feet and arms stick out the windows and doors.

Adieu to you and you and you
Love Lou and Lou and Lou.
(HAW HAW that makes my name Louloulou)


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