Wednesday, December 29

Bag lady wishlist

For quite a while now, I've been searching for that perfect bag for school that is classic, sturdy and good-looking. I kinda want to be a cool college kid with one of those hip leather satchels that those booksmart/nerdy-guys-that-turn-cute in movies have hanging off their shoulder. Soon I will have a laptop to carry around, (Santa promised one in the new year) and books and pens, food, paper, general college stuff.

Wishlist: satchels
Bag lady
Covet  $395

They're mostly ludicrously expensive but they would all be great in my wardrobe.
Here is another bag by Baggu, not a satchel, but is a cute, school-girl nostalgic backpack made from recycled cotton and they come in a rainbow of colours)! If only it were a satchel! And a guy taken by The Sartorialist has one toooo.

Photo from The Sartorialist

aps xx

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