Wednesday, December 22


We are hosting the family Christmas party this year. Ugh. But a 'pro' is that I can make decorations yay. Tissue paper pompoms.
They're so much fun! A whole packet of tissue paper went into making this one in my time lapse below. (yes I made another time lapse). Here's what they look like:

I made about 10 last night, all in different sizes and I'm going to hang them up with invisible thread over the dining room table. EEeeeeeee. I'll post a picture when they are all set up and stuufff.

aps xx


  1. So lovely! I saw these in the window of swonderful and thought they looked so cool, they'd look awesome anytime other than christmas too. I might have to have a go :)

  2. thanks Gussie! i saw them in swonderful too :) let me know how it goes if you do try :)


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