Tuesday, December 14

How to have a lovely evening with only $6.00

Aps and Lou only have $3.00 each to spend but they want to have a fun night...how WILL this work? With smiling faces and by walking around and around and around Wellington...anything is possible. 

There is this little caravan/clothes store and every year it seems that the owner repaints it! How AWESOME is that? Then for dinner Aps and I spent about $3.00 on a scoop of chips and sauce which we ate by the sea. 

After consuming these wicked fried things we were pretty full but really felt like a hot drink. We were about to splash out on bowls of hot chocolate but then we saw this guy...Oh maaan! How cool is that? This guy and his friends had redone this vintage Fire Truck and installed a fully operational coffee machine inside. To mark the opening of the truck-cafe they were giving out free coffee, and on top of the truck a graffiti artist was at work and in the small art gallery next to the truck a band was playing. How flippin' sweet is that!?
Okay, I swear this is going to turn into 'Spot the Karl Fritsch'...funnily enough his name is ALL OVER Wellington now.

These are the Zigguarts' girls and their token dog packing up for the night. Very cute.

Remember that D.I.Y. Taxidermy post I did a while ago? We came across the shop that sells the kits! This is Aps in front of a hardcore one that involved lights and what-not.

Aww pretty stores at Christmas time...


Finally after spending about $2.00 on a muffin for dessert, Aps called Santa (who was resting.....) and we sat on these bean bags which were under this huge Telecom Xmas tree with craaazy flashing lights (Kanye Weeeest). It was SO romantic haw haw. Whiskey drinkers to baby thinkers were all snuggled up.



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