Friday, December 31

Last day of the year

We both woke up on the first day of 2010 on an uncomfortably solid hotel room bed in China (if you remember; herehere and here and here) in Chongqing Normal University campus to the sound of basketballs bouncing outside on the courts. Saw Beijing's sunrise through a tour bus window, walked for hours under fairy lights in Chongqing's Three Gorges Square. Ate a lot of spicy foods and some weird shit. Lou was adored by the boy-band-esque hair-dressers where they preened her hair for 4 whole hours, and I spent an age trying to explain how I wanted my hair to be this red (but by the end of it they gave Patrick red hair, and I still had dark black/brown hair with a weird red sheen). Saw Bird's Nest and climbed the Great Wall with great people. Formed a band called the 'Auspicious Mermaids'. Laughed SO MUCH. Had lovely chats to stall holders in the markets about our country New Zealand. Ate some amazing sushi train and milk yoghurts. Saw some hideous clothing. 

Got back to New Zealand. (Appreciated the cleanliness and proper sewerage system). Made tshirts, played with spray paint and made a mirror. Lou made a Woody Allen inspired movie (not the best viewing quality, but it's here) for media studies, and I became pro boom-mic operator. Filled a pinata. Went to a few university open days and got free lunches and chocolate at both, hogged the photobooth in the Massey Uni open day. Shared giant amounts of cake. Op-shopped, camped out at different houses and executed lots of random photoshoots. Applied for university. Lou wrote a play and got flowers for it. Dressed up really nice a few times. Saw gorgeous clothing and met Karen Walker at her VIP opening of Top Shop. Had so much fun at the loveliest dinner parties.
Shared a million business meetings over coffee; actually started and finished our blog project which turned into zine turned into Vespa (issue one, two), more photoshoots, stayed 7am till 7pm at school in the computer labs. Went to awards dinners; ate about Vespa, talked about Vespa.
Then we made a few time lapses and stop motion videos, and that preeetty much brings us up to here.
In just short of 23 hours, it will be the best and only time to grab out all those "oh, I haven't showered since last year!" and "oh, I haven't eaten all year!" new year jokes, so now that we've mentioned them, don't forget to use them. Sometimes they can be really funny.

Have a lovely new year and thank you all for reading our blog!

aps and lou 

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