Monday, December 20

Much love monday

My friend Annika and I went into town the other day to kill a few hours of boredom. We wandered mindlessly into a wee jewellery store and discovered (well it was pretty smack bang in front of us) this glorious bright white, glowing display cabinet with the most gorgeous rings under the glass.
All of the rings were Pandora. And I haven't been a huuuuge fan of Pandora's fancy charm bracelets like all my girlfriends, so it was particularly interesting to find myself actually swoooning over these rings and picturing them on all my fingersAnd they weren't too badly priced either. NOOO materialismmmmm.
This one below with a somewhat plain twist rope design was my favourite (well, favourite tied with the two above), just because it's sweet and simple enough to wear like, all the time.
Anyway anyway, further on our journey Annika and I went into Iko Iko on Cuba and an INCREDIBLY similar rope twisty ring was for sale under the glass countertop. It was only a coincidence, but then today I found these Jessica McCormack diamond rope rings blogged about here (for $1112), and you know what, three is a trend.

Soo I can't afford $1112 for a ring at the moment (and proooobably not anytime soon, going to uni and whatnot) so when I was dragged out to go Christmas shopping in lower hutt, I bought myself this slightly wiccan/slightly Maori little thing to make do until I have $1112 for that diamond ring, or more realistically $55 for that Pandora silver ring.

I LOVE IT. Well I do today anyway.

What do you love today?

aps xx

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