Friday, December 17

Peeping tom

Michael Wolf is a Hong-Kong based artist who captures the city, pervasively with people in their high-rise offices in little confined grids and creepy shots of passengers crushed against the windows in squishy subway cars. No way can people be that squished in public transport? Oh well what would I know, I only live in little wee Wellington.

Wolf also does these little shots taken of people taken from Google's street views from across the world. Street View's pictures were made to document the roads and buildings, instead Wolf has enalarged and cropped bits of these pictures to show how they can reveal bits of passerbys' urban lifes; a couple kissing, a girl skipping on the street.
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  1. A fun little video for Wellingtonites:

  2. Wow. Thanks for that. I can't get over how manic their public transport is.


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